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Another Start
  27th June, 2017


Guess I have to start thinking up another game, now!


Yesterday was spent entirely focused on Thwackity Puttz.
I literally spent every moment of dev-time pushing ahead, trying to get everything done in time.
I dug through my own music trying to find something suitable, and even took a nosey through the Incompetech archives, too.
In the end, I headed back to an old favourite choon and reinstrumentised it so it sounded a bit less synthy.
I think it turned out ok.

As well as that, there were birdie collisions to tweak, and the odd quirk that had arisen during my quick-play, before I had time to settle down and play through each and every hole to ensure the game's level generator was working as it should.

In the end, I think it turned out ok.
It's certainly one of my more playable games of recent times.

Good game!!

Next.. .. Haven't a clue!

Daily Doodle : Performance

Platdude's playing a series of classical pieces in front of a huge audience.
He's not very good though. Those stumpy hands don't make for good piano playing.


Another game done.
But now what to make?
Time to decide.
What path will I take?


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