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Another Update..
  17th June, 2017


For the past day and a half, my laptop's fan's been kicking off like crazy.
Watching Task Manager, it was all down to Windows Modules Installer Worker, working away in the background, killing all CPU, Memory and Disk access for what must've been about 12 hours in total.


I understand that it's nice to have installs happen in the background, but when I end up with a mostly unusable system for most of 2 days, that's not a very bloody intuitive way to do background installs.
They should be silent and hidden from the user, not kicking off the damn fan at full speed, at 2 in the flamin' morning.
I think I actually prefer the days when you'd have to reboot and then wait an hour.
Insane amount of time, and really not all that "background" in the slightest.


When I finally got to use the PC properly, I got bullets working, and made the bears a bit bigger!
I still need to add an ammo counter onscreen, and then do some playtesting, but otherwise things are looking nice and playable.

ARMS Thoughts

I also got ARMS yesterday, so grabbed the Switch, popped in the game, and prepared to play.
I know my motion sickness/balance issues will be incompatible with the motion controls, so I stuck to playing with buttons, instead, and played in Handheld mode.
The game's nice and playable, and I'm sure I'll be playing a number of games, both off and online.


After about 30 minutes, I had to stop.
The queaziness kicked in, quite badly, and I had to quit before throwing up on the Switch.
I'm guessing it's all the frantic action, and camera movement in the game that does it, since I can similarly manage extended 2 or 3 hour periods of playing Zelda on the same device.

I'll certainly be playing more, but only in small sessions, which is a bit of a shame.
I managed to complete one single GP, but had to do that over 2 sessions.

Daily Doodle : Another Update

Platdude wanted to get some work done.
Unfortunately, the computer was already busy.


Waiting for Updates,
Taking all day.
Thankful my Switch
Is still ready to play.


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