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Closing In
  18th June, 2017


I'm getting near to the goal, now.
The game seems to have a good feel, and I spent about 20 minutes last night ensuring that every single one of the 81 (9x9 grid) levels would generate without any crazy array-out-of-bounds errors.


All went well in the HTML5 edition, and so then I tried the same thing in the Win.exe edition.
At which point I noticed something.

The Win.exe edition is currently generating a completely different set of levels, and I've absolutely no idea why!
I spent about an hour digging through the code, dumping in loads of debug messages, and hoping I could find the problem, but.
.. Nope!

I'll be continuing my search, today.
If I can't figure it out, then the game will have to be released with this bug in it. It's not a major problem, but it means that with different levels appearing in different editions, the planned scoring system won't work in the slightest when the different level sets are combined online.

I'm not sure what the solution to this might be, unless I can fix the generator.
So, back in I go, and hopefully I can fix it.


As I get closer to switching out the old for the new, I'm finding a handful of little quirks, all over the place. I'm also noticing a lot of missing features, but that was the main reason for switching over to using the new site almost exclusively, myself.. So that, as I actually use the site, I'll realise what bits and pieces are missing.

Yesterday I got the basics of the Memberlist into the site. It could do with some extra admin features, and maybe a search, but for now it's "working"..
In addition, I juggled the main site's search results around a bit, to make things a bit more readable.
Nothing too drastic, but nice that I can VERY easily shuffle things around in the script, without the decade-old mangled mess making things harder.

Daily Doodle : Fixing the Shower

The DIY tasks never seem to end for Platdude.
All he wanted was a nice cold shower.


I seem to be doing the same things again.
It's amazing how quick it gets boring.
I'm glad that I change up my games every week,
Or I'd really be sick of this coding.


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