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Friday MusicAL
  23rd June, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud.



A nice productive day, yesterday.
Having finally got the camera moving in a decent fashion, I set about doing the ball-thwacking stuff.
I've still not settled on the exact physics, as I'd like the ball to roll a little, after landing, but otherwise it seems to be working reasonably well.
I posted a small .gif to Twitter last night, but it's very tiny. I don't like .gifs..

Anyhoo, that'll be today's task. Getting the physics "right", and then attempting to get a couple of holes playable, before moving on and adding in sandtraps and other standard golf'y things.

SoCoder 2

Another day without much tweaking, as the site continues to feel more or less ready to go.
The todolist has shrunk significantly, although there's still a number of things I need to add, like the ability to delete notes, and possibly showcases and other things, as well as having to jump to the latest comments when opening those things.
I could also do with rejigging the way Search Results are displayed, to make them work better in narrow views.

But it's little bits. Nothing major, anymore.
I reckon everything's pretty much ready!

Daily Doodle : Boldly Going

Platdude and his intrepid crew are exploring the galaxy.
They've found a mysteriously spherical planet.


Making a golf game.
The ball is too light.
I'm tweaking the physics
To make them feel right.


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