Blog – Friday MusicAL

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As per usual on a Thursday, most of yesterday was spent on “other” stuff.

The above music video had to be rendered, then uploaded to YouTube, along with the audio version being re-rendered to upload straight to Soundcloud.
These things usually take about an hour or two, although it was a fair bit quicker doing the video, this week, as I lazily reused last week’s background!
Whilst that was churning away, I made a start on this week’s SoCoder Newsletter and then spent the rest of the day finishing it off.

Note to self : You still haven’t integrated the newsletter into the new site, yet!

As far as Developing goes, I got the beginnings of bullets functional for RetroRaider, but I didn’t even start doing that until about 10pm, and by then my eyes were already starting to close!!
I didn’t get much done.
Today I’ll be finishing off the bullets, getting scores working, and maybe actually playing the game for a while.

I’m starting to think I should probably make the minimmap a little more pronounced on the screen. It currently uses various dark blue shades, making it hard to read.
Over the course of the past few days, I’ve found myself relying on the minimap much more than I thought I would. So, I think it’s probably going to be a more important piece of the game than I intended it to be.

Daily Doodle : Which Way?

Platdude is visiting a very strange place, today.
He also seems to be stuck in some kind of time loop.
Today isn’t going very well.


Upside down and back to front,
This pixelart looks fun.
I wonder if it might be playable?
.. once RetroRaider’s done.


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