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  19th June, 2017


Literally hours I spent yesterday, sifting through the level generator code.


Over and over, bit by bit, trying desperately to find what was wrong.
In the end, I gave up.
It was already 10pm, and I'd spent FAR too long on the issue.

The level generator works just fine, as long as you only ever play it on the same system.
But the HTML5 version is outputting different levels to the Win.exe version, and the Android.apk has it's own set of levels, too.
This is unfortunate, and is going to require me to (gasp!) NOT include the online scoreboards for this game.

I could just add a generic "Got X many points", but as it stands the game doesn't actually HAVE any points!
Instead, it relies on completing the level to unlock adjacent levels, and although I could probably just add a "Levels Complete!" scoreboard, it seems unfair if the levels are all different.

Perhaps another time.
Today I'm going to delve back in, ignore the level generator, and finish things off so that the game actually plays like it oughta.
There's a few tweaks to do, which I was planning to do yesterday, but otherwise all should be ready for a release later today.
Wish me luck!


I declared the new site open, yesterday, and have so far received a fair number of complaints.
A couple have been about the general layout.
It's hard to make a site that works universally well on all devices, but I've tried my best to do that. Unfortunately, that's meant things like hiding away the sidebars until people click on the buttons..

It'd be nice if, via PHP, I could tell what resolution the person's viewing the site on, but instead I have to rely on people understanding that they have to click things.
Apparently that's not good enough!
Instead, I might default the sidebars to being "Docked", rather than not, and just let people on phones put up with having to undock them.
People just seem to love those things!!

As well as that, there's been a complaint about the general "look" of the site.
The site currently defaults to the "Smoke" theme, which I personally love, but other people don't.
That's going to be a bugbear for many, I think.
There's probably going to be a fairly varied selection of available themes by the time I'm done, but choosing which one will be at the forefront will be a rather difficult task.

Maybe I'll get a vote going, once I've designed (and/or stolen!) a few nice themes.

For now, people will just have to put up with my lousy art style

Daily Doodle : Defender

With a great costume comes great fancy dress parties.


The weather in Britain is warm again.
It traditionally never stops raining.
But now that it's hot, the country has stopped.
And we're all sitting round and complaining.


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