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  5th June, 2017


I recreated another 4 of the classic SoCoder themes into SoCoder2 yesterday.


A couple of quirks along the way, but otherwise everything slotted together rather well.

So, yeah, I'm fairly confident that the new themes are suitably easy to create.
Whether anyone else will attempt to make one remains to be seen.
*fingers crossed*


Although most of this week's game is "playable", it's not very neat.
It needs a "Level Complete!" screen, and then plenty of audio, but all should be sorted by tonight.

Eeeeuw Debug values everywhere!!

The numbers getting lower, closer to the player, allows the Mummies to attempt to follow the player. This is more or less the same technique I've used for AI since adding it to Army of Flags.

The game's a lot harder, now that I've added collision detection into the mix!
I might need to make the Mummies a little bit dumber, so the game's vaguely beatable.

Daily Doodle : Platris

Platdude bought a new console, yesterday. It's one of those TV Plug'n'Play things that only has one game on it.
Good game, though!


Coffee in the morning.
Coffee after that.
Then another coffee,
'til the Coding Mojo's back.


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