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  9th June, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud.


Last night, I lay awake watching the glorious joyful results of people having voted the right way.


Then I had a nap, and appear to have woke up in the middle of a bleedin' nightmare.
Calamity Ganon has nothing on this beast.

Right, ignore the fact that the whole world's going to hell in a handbasket.
Keep Calm and Carry on Coding...
... or something to that effect.

Yesterday I got basic object collision working in RetroRaider, but can't seem to follow the path laid out by the AI Pre-player.
Something's amiss in my level generator, an I'll need to look into it.

Other than that, though, it's coming along fairly well.
I made a generator for backgrounds, so there's a nice enough variety of rooms on offer.
Today I'll sort out the path maker, then set about adding collectables and dangerous things into the game.


Over on SoCoder2, I did some mostly-security based tweaks, and added a couple of nice background checks when viewing the new Private-Message/Note things.
Seems much more secure, now.
Remember, kids.
At one point, I wondered to myself "How'd I do that in my Game Archive" so opened up the code, only to find it was using age-old PHP5 code, instead of the newer PHP7 that I'm using on SoCoder2.
.. Oh, bugger.. Do I have to recode all that, now, too!?!

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