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Rest Day
  14th June, 2017


Took most of yesterday off, from coding.


Watched the Nintendo E3 showcase thing.
Mario looked good. Looking forward to Metroid. Yoshi and Kirby are both on the way.
Lovely stuff!
Gamey games!

Perhaps lacking Animal Crossing, especially since that's apparently due on Mobile, some time soon.
But like they said, the E3 presentation was all about Switch.
Even still, there were noticeable missing things.
No information on the Online stuff. Nothing about Virtual Console. And I'm still surprised that there's no extra themes and things available for the Switch's OS, especially given the two available themes are labelled as "Basic", suggesting more is to come.


But what WAS shown looked nice, and I'm sure I'll be grabbing a few of the titles, which is already infinitely more purchases than any other company's offerings, this E3.
I know that different folk have different tastes, but I've a feeling that if you're a fan of AGameAWeek, then you're probably in the same "Games should be Gamey" mindset that I am.


What little coding I did, yesterday, focused on RetroRaider's menu screen.
I've decided to switch from a list menu, to a grid menu.

Complete levels to unlock adjacent levels, and gradually uncover the same map from the previous game, because I haven't drawn anything better!!

Today I'll try to finish that off, and then I'll get back to making the levels feel a little more structured.

.. And I should probably get the bullets working, too!

Daily Doodle : New Shoes

Platdude hates tying laces on his new shoes.
But they're lovely on!


A game that will take
More time to complete.
Not every game
Can be made in a Week.


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