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Wednesday Workshop
  28th June, 2017

"Liquid Xigua Syrup" is the ingame music from Thwackity Puttz.


Heading back in time, once more, I found myself working on the Workshop, yesterday.


The Wednesday Workshop is now mostly abandoned, but with over 250 entries, it seems a waste to completely destroy the thing.
As a result, I'm currently in the midst of rewriting the majority of the Wednesday Workshop to integrate it into the new SoCoder2 site.
I got most of it working, yesterday, but will be tweaking bits of it to fit the new themes a little better.

It's been fun looking back at all the past entries and challenges, and part of me is wondering if maybe its time to bring it back again.
But then, I tried that last year, and it only lasted a couple of weeks.
Bah, humbug..


Trying to come up with game ideas can be tricky, and sometimes I don't give new ideas enough of a chance.
Take yesterday, when I came up with a concept for a possible puzzle/maze thing.
You control two players.
One has a gun, the other is a "Hacker"
The hacker can be used to open doors, which the shooter runs through to complete the quest.
That's as far as I got.
It seems like a nice idea, but I literally couldn't get beyond that.
One for the button, one for the shooty, and ...

Then what!?

I spent about 2 hours thinking about it, trying to come up with any kind of scenario that might be "Level 2", but .. nothing.
So, I've already decided to scrap that project, and try something else.
No doubt the basic "Button/Gun" idea will remain with me, and we'll see if again in the future, but for now I'll aim for a different game.

Daily Doodle : Is This Thing On?

Platdude is helping to test out the new equipment, but these Walkie Talkies don't seem to be very good at their job.


Ideas that are forming,
That grow in my mind.
They aren't always good,
And get left far behind.


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