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Extra Time
  12th June, 2017

^ RetroRaider III's current Ingame music. The titlescreen music is here
Both might change.. We'll see!


So, I made RetroRaider:Three Crystals a two-week project.


This'll give me time to make a proper quest style thing.
At the minute things are a bit "too" random.
I need to find a way to guide the player through the randomly generated maze, without it being too obvious.
The first thing would be to add more dangerous obstacles within the areas that the AI Player hasn't journeyed, making them slightly more off-putting.

I'll probably also do the opposite, adding nice collectable items to guide the player in the right direction.

Both of these require me to retune bits of the level structure, to allow for extra items along the way.
I also need to add more danger into the game, as the current "add lots of random things" is making for a rather easy game.
More enemies, less bullets, and hopefully a better game in the end.

It should all work out, but it's not something I can achieve within .. Today!! So I've had to make it a two-week'er instead.
Bah, humbug!


Meanwhile, over on SoCoder 2, I spent most of yesterday working on Admin functions. Locking topics, moving topics, that kind of thing.
I also decided that, since I keep forgetting to move topics, I should probably give standard users the ability to do that.
I've made it so that if you're the starter of a topic, you can now shift the topic to a new section, using a simple drop-down menu.
It's also possible for topic starters to rename topics, but that feature might be tweaked if people abuse the facility.

Daily Doodle : Fixing a Disk

Platdude found a bug in his copy of Deluxe Paint, so took it to the local computer place to see if they could fix it.
He's not sure the teenager behind the counter is qualified to do this job.


Time is not my friend this week.
With game ideas galore.
But I'd rather have a finished game,
Than a badly, rushed through, bore.


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