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Interesting fact.
If you set up a “First few days : FREE!” thing on iTunes Connect BEFORE you launch the game, then when you DO launch the game, it apparently decides to ignore the “First few days : FREE!” thing that you’d previously set up.

Once you’ve bought an App (and/or made the thing!!) iTunes point blank refuses to display it’s price in the AppStore, so it went unnoticed.

I only found this out, this morning, whilst looking at sales stats, and oddly finding a “Profit” listing.
Confused, I double-checked the settings, and sure enough, there was no longer a “Free” segment in the schedule.
Grrr : APPLE!!!

Aw well, live and learn I guess.
I can’t very well set the game to free, now, after at least 12 people have paid for it. They’d be pretty pissed off at me, I imagine.

Next game will start off as free for a few days.


Yesterday’s circle expanded into more of a beam.
I still haven’t a clue what I’m doing with this engine, but it does at least look nice.

Meanwhile.. Meanwhile…

Over on SoCoder2, GfK discovered an error that wasn’t flagging as an error. It was simply continuing as though there’d been no error, and ignoring the error.
Namely, if you rename a topic to less than 6 characters, it just carries on, ignores your change, and doesn’t tell you why!!

I fixed that, and then flicked through various other places in the site where I’d done much the same thing.
Previously I had a little Debug function which would explain any such issues to me, but once the site went live, I switched off the Debug messages, leaving a lot of areas on the site where it simply doesn’t explain things.

The result was a lot of tweaks, yesterday, along with some silly new error messages, and I finally got around to adding a little randomness to the emails, too!

Daily Doodle : Midnight Snack

Platdude is peckish, and so is Plattykitty, so the two of them are headed down to the kitchen to see what they can find.


Nosey old neighbours, waking me up.
Having their shed taken down.
Banging and hammering and sawing away,
Making a whole lot of sound.


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