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Final Day
  23rd July, 2017


This week's game feels "Launchable"...


It's certainly not perfect, and kinda glitches a bit if you stare at a wall. I need to fix that.
But otherwise the game's nice and playable, has a bit of sound and music, and feels about done.
Today I'll be doing the usual endy bits.
Giving the game a title, coming up with a cheap and tacky logo, and then doing screenshots and bundling everything up ready for uploading.


I feel like Letter Lattice iOS is also getting to roughly the same point.
It probably needs some music, though I'm not sure how well an ALTune will do over such a lengthy game.
Might take more than my usual effort to do that.
There's also a slight issue with the options menu, in that I shrank the resolution of the game to fit iOS's native resolution better, and now the bloomin' menu doesn't fit! D'oh!

But other than those issues, the game is currently entirely playable on my iPhone, icons and logo intact, which is great news!

.. Then I just need to do all the 100,000,000 uploads that it takes to get the game ready for uploading to Apple.

Daily Doodle : More Bad Luck

Oh dear.
Platdude hopes this doesn't mean another 7 years without a proper JNKPlat game.


I'd love to do Android,
It's really not hard.
But the theft and reselling,
Leaves me worried and scarred.


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