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  28th July, 2017


Ugh.. Right when I'm in the middle of a good coding spell, down I go with Flu'ish gubbins again.


I think it's my body's way of saying "Woah there! Rest a bit!"
So, I tried..
I picked up Zelda, and was shocked by how little I'd played it lately.
I'm still nowhere near completing the game, but it felt good to wander around Hyrule once again, after having spent the past couple of weeks focusing on doing iOS and AGameAWeek simultaneously.

I wandered and climbed, did some harvesting for wheat, murdered a couple of evil creatures, and cooked an awful lot of Egg Fried Rice.

It was nice to do something other than coding for a change.

Code wise, I didn't do an awful lot. I finished off this week's SoCoder Newsletter, and had to tweak the site's "Automagic Timezone Tweaker" thing.
But in the end, nothing really code-worthy.
I don't think we're getting AGameAWeek, this week.

Let's call this one a miss, and regroup next week!

Daily Doodle : Training With The Master

Platdude's hired a teacher to train him in some advanced fighting techniques.
Next timme those Bats appear, Platdude will be ready.


Resting my mind,
Relax, Take it Easy.
The flu takes control.
Leaves me terribly queasy.


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