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Friday MusicAL
  7th July, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud

Yes, I did post this a few weeks ago.
Back then it was simply a test.
Today it's a proper track, and is the first in a complete ALChoon AL Bum of "Pulp'ish"
The tracks start here!



Not a lot done on the game, again, I'm afraid.
I seem to be in a very musical mood, this week, and can't concentrate on much coding at all.

For bonus choonage, I made this!

On the SoCoder2 side of things, I did a whole bunch of little tweaks, all over the site, yesterday. Most of them weren't noticeable, but there were about 10 minutes where I neglected to double check my live tweaks, and had accidentally splashed a great big chunk of debug text all over the site.
Nobody mentioned it, though, so hopefully nobody noticed!

Today I'm going to have to remove the "last post on a page is the first post on the next page, to aid readability when switching pages" feature that I added, because apparently nobody likes it.

I should also, really, focus on the game.
I already didn't do a game, last week. Can't be skipping two weeks in a row!!

Daily Doodle : Platdude Forces

Platdude's heading off to another cosplay convention, and is going as the rubbish avatar from the new Sonic Forces game.
He's already regretting his decision, and wishing he'd stuck with Sonic Mania, instead.


Today I should focus
and work on my game.
I just hope that the puzzles
Aren't boring and lame.


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