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Getting Started
  12th July, 2017

Journal Xternal


This week's game has been incredibly easy to get going.


The fact that I've already decided on an art style for the game suggests that things are progressing much smoother than they normally do.

There's no player character, yet, and I'm not 100% sure what style that character might be.
I'm slightly tempted to bring back Hoppy Bobby, since that's pretty much the mechanic in play.
Whether I will, or not, depends on how artistic I'm feeling, today!

It's currently another temporary circle.. Hopefully it ends up being more interesting than that, by the time I'm done.

Warning : End game may contain flaming balls!!!

Daily Doodle : Dirt Tracks

Platdude sure loves motorcycling. Motorcycling around.
Some people like pedalling on a normal bike but not Platdude.


The game is working nicely.
Now all I need to add.
Is lots of dangers all around,
And creatures that are bad.


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