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Oh dear.. Where does the time go!?


This week's game is going to look a little.. rushed.
Not that it WAS rushed. It just went through so many transformations, over the past few days, that the original intent is completely lost.
What remains isn't necessarily a "bad" game, it just isn't exactly RetroRaider/Thwackity good..

Meh, whatever.
Today I need to finish things off, add 100% of the audio, and then get things bundled and uploaded.

In truth, I spent FAR more time, yesterday, working on the iOS edition of Quadoban.

The game's had a HUGE overhaul, has a much nicer looking menu system, and even the graphics are marginally better than they once were.
It's certainly now a little easier to see where all the crates are, although I might enhance the buttons, a little, too.

The menu is still "Big column of numbers, pick and begin", but I don't think that's too big of a deal.
Or at least, I hope not, anyway.

There's no GameCenter integration whatsoever, and I really need to look into iCloud saves, too, but I think maybe that will be added in future.
For now, it'd just be nice to get the thing out the door, and check whether Apple still even accept games coded using Obj-C!! (Or at least, I /think/ that's what Monkey-X compiles to..!?)

Daily Doodle : Under Attack

The creatures are attacking, but Platdude's got his sword.
Is it cruel to kill these little things?


I really need to focus.
The game needs so much more.
Like music and some sound effects,
When falling from the floor.


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