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Letter Lattice iOS
  26th July, 2017


Hey, look at that!
2 iOS Releases in 2 weeks!


Next week (this week?!) I intend to focus on getting the GameCenter stuff up and running.
But for now, that's two lovely games in a very short space of time, and I'm fairly happy with the outcome.
The menu system on Letter Lattice is certainly a whole lot better than the mess of Quadoban's!

You can find Letter Lattice on the AppStore.


I was going to attempt a silly little side-project, yesterday.
I checked online for a decent devkit but the devkit required "Cygwin", which I don't have installed.
I grabbed the installer, and knowing my fondness for overdoing things, switched on "Install" for all of its little features, then clicked the Install button.

Then waited..
.. and waited..
.... and ...
Suffice to say, if you're ever installing Cygwin, don't choose to install everything.
I started the thing off at about 11:30, and it finally finished around 20:00.
During the download/install, the HDD was going a clanger, and the system was completely unusable.

So, yeah... Don't do that!!

Today, I'll instead try to make a start on another AGameAWeek.
The Silly Side-Project can wait until next week!

Daily Doodle : The Cold Hike

Platdude is finding it alarmingly cold, up this mountain.
He really should've wore a hat.


I tried my best to start something,
But wasted half the day.
Downloading and installing files,
The time just flew away.


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