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I started a new spreadsheet the other day. Oooh, Excite!!!

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of all my games, where I include things like the Android Package name and other background stuff that typically wouldn’t be useful to anyone if I put it into my Archive.
With my recent reattempt at iOS, I figured it’d be a good idea to have a secondary spreadsheet to store things like the iOS Bundle ID, SKU values and other such “background” stuff.

I started with Quadoban, and yesterday added Letter Lattice..
I’ve since started to use it as a list of games that I think would probably work well on iOS.
Essentially, it now looks as if this is going to act like a todo-list for iOS games.

Thwackity Puttz is in there, although realistically that’ll end up ignored on the AppStore due to the 100,000,000 other Golf games on the thing.

PlatCross is there, too. But in order to do that justice, I’m going to have to do a lot more mini-doodles for it all to fit.

Sheep Goes Right and Classic SpikeDislike are also on the list, but I know that both of those are going to take a while. I also need to re-train myself as to how on earth I did the “stuck on card” art style for Sheep Goes Right’s graphics!

Puzzobomb is in the list. I almost finished that, before, so it shouldn’t be “too” hard to get everything up to speed. Although I will need to move it all across to the newer framework.

And then there’s Flappadiddle.
Aaah, Flappadiddle..
I still don’t think it’ll work very well on iOS, since the dpad has to be on one side, and the flappy button on the other. With the game being smushed into the background, hopefully not under the player’s thumbs..
The closest game I’ve done to that is NeonPlat, and pretty much everyone that played it agreed that it needed better controls.

But it’s on the list.
If you can think of any more of my games that would work well on just a touchscreen, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

I’m currently considering releasing an iOS game every 2 weeks. I *think* I should be able to cope with that.
After all, right now most of the games on the list are just ports, so there’s not too much stuff that needs doing.
But.. There’s always complexities along the way!
I’ll try my best, though.

But don’t worry. Any and all iOS games will either be of older AGameAWeek games, or if they’re brand new, there’ll still be a regular AGameAWeek edition to go along with them.
You won’t be missing out!


I got baddies in this week’s AGameAWeek game, and wandering around the maze with the torch seems to work reasonably well.
I’m now trying to decide how best to balance the game, so that it remains playable and fun throughout.
I’m not very good at atmospheric things!!!

Daily Doodle : Calling for Help

This is a task that Platdude can’t handle on his own.
Time to call for backup.


I start another list of games,
But buttons are not there.
I try to think of games to fit,
The touchscreens make me scared!


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  • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

    I feel the following games can be adapted to touch screens. Games 1 to 4 needs automatic player movement and swipes for change of direction or jump.
    1. Mini Clampett
    2. Rollyblob
    3. Blockman returns
    4. Shelley the Frog
    5. The Inbox Sheriff (With one change player should avoid the spam mails instead of shooting it. This game’s background score is enough to add it to the list)

    Today’s daily doodle is awesome.

    • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

      If Samurai Plat’s enemies can be redesigned so that player movement can be automated, the unique level design of the game might interest iOS gamers.

      • Mini Clampett would control like Flappadiddle. DPad on the left, Jumpy button on the right. I’ll try one first, and if that works, then get it going on the other..
        Rollyblob… I kinda liked the idea of this, but it fell apart with the rubbish generator. Perhaps a complete overhaul. I’ll add it to the list, but if it does indeed emerge, it may be significantly different.
        Blockman Returns is again a DPad and a Jump Button thing.. I really need to seriously think about how to do that properly.
        Shelley’s ok. I think a mix of sorts between Shelley and Rollyblob might result in something fairly decent.
        Inbox Sheriff I’d forgotten about. Two big juicy buttons “Jump and Shoot” would work. Reducing it to just Jump would in fact end up feeling a bit too “SpikeDislike”, I imagine.

        And then there’s Samurai Plat. Making a more complex platform world would be fun. Maybe even without the ability to use the sword at all, to make things less controller based. Swipes to move, and not much else. I like that idea. Mmmm!