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  30th July, 2017


I know I did SOMETHING yesterday morning...?!


I definitely remember coding something, and going "OK, that'll do for now.."
I have no memory of what it was!
We had family visiting yesterday, so I put down the laptop about 11'ish, and spent the rest of the day doing that whole "social interaction" thing that I'm not very good at.
We had a lovely day, and then we had a lovely curry, because anyone that visits here tends to enjoy our local Chinese. (Dragon Inn, Little Lever)

But as for what it was that I actually did, yesterday morning?...

I've hunted through my recent code, and I think it was probably just neatening things up.
The GameCenter stuff is now mostly all within the external include, all except things like setting the specific GameCenter Board titles, and things like that.

Today I'll be working on the Badge/Achievement display board. I *think* that was where I was up to. I know I drew a trophy to act as a button!!

Getting old sucks!

Daily Doodle : Reminiscing

Platdude's looking back through his 80s cassette collection.
He loves all these classics. Not even 80s radio stations dare play some of these!


Looking back at things I've done.
Things from days gone by.
I try to think, but nothing comes.
My memory is all fried.


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