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Mostly the Same
  6th July, 2017

Sawdust and Hay


When trying to decide what we're having for dinner, my family regularly start chanting "Sawdust and Hay for Dinner today!". It's one of those stupid family things that tends to stick.

The "song" actually comes from a mid-50's Children's BBC TV show, The Woodentops, which we originally saw on a late 80's VHS of "Watch With Mother" that we bought for my younger sister.
It's pretty much the only part of that video that any of us remembers.

Yesterday, the song got stuck in my head, and I wondered if it would be on YouTube anywhere..?
.. Of course it's on YouTube! Everything's on YouTube!!
The original clip is about 11:30 into the video.

A Very Silly, Very Old Video

A waste of a day, I think we can all agree!


I added a lot of debugging and error messages to SoCoder2, yesterday, in the hopes that I can finally analyse that weird slow behaviour that the server occasionally does.
Hopefully with a few timestamps leading the way, I might finally be able to track it down.
I have a feeling it's just a backup, or something, but it's rather frustrating having the server crap out for a few seconds, every hour or so.


With all of the above, there wasn't a lot of time left for actual gamedev.
I got the generator to add obstacles, but haven't yet added any gameplay, so it'll be interesting to see whether the levels are even playable!
That's today's task.

Daily Doodle : Childhood Heroes

Platdude came to the TV studio to present today's news, but was surprised to see Mr Bobbo, his favourite childhood TV star, in the studio next door.


There isn't much left,
On SoCoder to do.
But I still have a list.
I should work on a few.


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