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OK, Now What?
  25th July, 2017


Lots of finishing off, yesterday.


Not only did I finish off Monsters Ate My Cheesecake, I also finished off Letter Lattice iOS and got that uploaded for Apple Review, too!
.. or at least, I hope I finished it! It feels finished. But meh, who knows.

My iOS framework is still missing a few things, like GameCenter, Cloud Saves and things like that.
I'm not going to rush into the next game, and will instead be looking into getting both of those integrated into the framework.
Once they're vaguely working, I'll move on to the next iOS Game.

As for AGameAWeek, though, I'm once again at that "What next" point.
I aimed for something a little different, with "Cheesecake", but I'm not sure it made a good game. Or at least, to me it didn't. It's not the usual AGameAWeek Frantic Vibe, and is all slow and kinda dull IMO.
But, hey, that was kinda the point, wasn't it?
Something different.


Maybe this week I'll aim for something a bit more lively and exciting.

Daily Doodle : Dissection

Platdude's determined to figure out how these things manage to fly.
They don't even have wings!


The love of creation.
The thrill of the building.
The excitement of putting the pieces together.
It's all inside my coding.


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