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Playing with Pixels
  27th July, 2017


Pixel-based collision detection is all but impossible with Monkey-X, due to the simple issues of rotation and scaling, along with more complicated screen resolution and orientation complications, and then the complete lack of 100% accuracy when it comes to drawing to buffers. (Although that last one is mostly down to Android, which likes to dither any and all images when the screen doesn't quite have full colour available.)


Yesterday, I tried to make a lovely little game with a bunch of rotating boxes and pixel based collisions.

Suffice to say, the experiment went fairly horribly, and all my attempts were mostly thwarted by the previously mentioned lack of pixel-buffer and other similar collision functionality!

Aw well, never mind.
The idea will be shelved, for now, and I'll try to come up with something else.

The time wasn't completely wasted, though. I've learned a couple of nice new techniques that I can possibly use in future. So that's good!


I got most of the Monkey-Code for GameCenter up and running, but didn't have time to actually check it on the Mac/iPhone, since that also requires faffing about with iTunesConnect to set up the AppStore side of things.

At the minute, the GameCenter code only does Highscores.
The Badges/Achievements need a little more work.
Oddly, I've realised that I never integrated Badges into my new framework, which is a bit baffling, since I was pretty sure that was the reason I implemented the bit-shift driven "IntegerFlag" thing.
Maybe I simply decided it wasn't necessary, since Mobile-dev wasn't in my good books at the time. (See yesterday's post!)

Today I'll look into Badges once again.
I'll need to add something to the main menu to let you see them all, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.
I think..
... Maybe!

Daily Doodle : Everything in its Place

Platdude shifts the little domino back to where it oughta be.
He's determined to get a great big uninterrupted video, this time.


I hate doing badges,
My art skills aren't good.
I'll try making nice ones,
Like a real gamedev should.


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