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Rest Day 2
  3rd July, 2017


Hopefully I'm fully rested, now, and am ready to get back into coding.


Yesterday was spent playing Zelda for a while, where I found Midna's mask. (Blimey, was that well hidden!)
I also took some time to watch a bunch of old TechMoan videos, and continued my rewatch of 1 Litre of Tears... Episode 8 being the hard hitter. Got quite weepy, there, for a while!

I attempted to code, but did a lot more of that blank staring at a screen thing.
Seriously, my mind is completely fried, after all the work I've done on SoCoder2!

Hopefully today will be better.
A fresh week, and a new game idea in mind.
Not quite sure if the game will be a puzzle game, an action game, or even a tycoon-style thing.
The idea in my head could quite literally be any of the above.


Monkey Chatter

Had a nice little discussion with Mark Sibly, via Twitter, last night.
He understands my need for short-and-sweet development tools.
I asked about whether Monkey2 might be tweaked to make smaller exe's, as it gets more finalised, to which he suggested it "might", but that it probably won't be a massive reduction.
We also discussed whether it's worth me even bothering with Monkey2, since I'm quite happy with Monkey1.

He's probably right.
.. But it'd be nice to try out some new functionality in future games.

Daily Doodle : Should I?

Platdude isn't sure whether he should squish this poor little creature.
Surely the little fella doesn't deserve to be murdered so brutally?


Getting back to code again,
I think I've cleared my head.
Two days off with fresh ideas.
I'll start this game, instead.


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