Blog – Rest Day


This week’s game will be delayed until next week.

Yesterday, my mind simply game up trying!
I opened up the code to the SoCoder email notifications, and stared at it for about half an hour or so.
Then I closed it.

My mind needed a rest.
After 2 months of solid SoCoder2 work, my head said “ENOUGH!” and demanded at least one day of recharging.

Later on, I attempted to do some game-dev, but that suffered a similar fate.
My head simply didn’t want to do anything, yesterday.

Instead, I spent the day roaming around Hyrule looking for EX treasure chests, and otherwise being generally lazy.

I have a feeling today might be more or less the same.

Having reached a significant “release”, my head is simply demanding it’s day of rest, and who am I to argue over such a thing.

Apologies that this isn’t a more interesting blog post, but then nothing interesting happens, then there’s not really all that much to blog about!

Daily Doodle : Morning, Brain

Platdude’s been neglecting his brain, lately.
Today, he’s decided to spend all day with it.


I should get back to coding,
But my head it wants to rest.
So many things need fixing,
All the bugs are quite a pest.


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