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Rest Week
  29th July, 2017


Well, I say rest...


I've opted to forego AGameAWeek this week, and am instead bulking up my framework to allow for the new Badges feature that I was fairly sure I'd implemented, but apparently I didn't!

Yesterday was mostly spent working on a nice little tool to generate lovely icons for the badges.
A simple enough little tool.. Input 16x16 pixel icons, output "Apple inexplicably needs 1024x1024 pixel Badges" images.

Oh joy..

I also coded most of the Badge functionality into the Framework, including a notification bar, but I still need a nice place to display the badges, as well as coding in the actual GameCenter Upload stuff.
(As with my previous framework, it'll have to re-occur every so often, in case the upload misses anything.)

But, the Badge stuff is "kinda" working, so that's "kinda" OK!

In general, a lot of "I hope this actually works", untested coding yesterday.
Today, I think, will be testing day.

Daily Doodle : Mister Fox

Platdude is enjoying his regular game of scaring all the children away.
This fox says "BEEEeeep!"


This coding is crazy.
I'm not sure it'll work.
I'll find out once I test it,
And it all goes berserk.


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