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Slow Progress


It's been a bit of a struggle to find the right gameplay mechanic for this week's game, but inspiration finally hit, late last night, and I think I'm now finally on the right path.


I'm not sure what else I can add to the game's mechanic, other than a bunch of deadly objects and enemies scattered around the place.
There's certainly no real opportunities for powerups and the like, due to the nature of the game's control scheme.
Thankfully I managed to make it play a bit more arcade-like than the bog-standard GUI based puzzle game that it was, yesterday, but trying to keep the game interesting will indeed be a challenge.

Anyhoo, plenty more coding to be done, and a complete graphical overhaul, too, would help.


I didn't do an awful lot at SoCoder2, yesterday. I instead sat watching stats, to see if I could somehow figure out what's causing the occasional server slowdown.
I'm still not sure.

Making this week's game, with it's generated puzzle mechanics, has caused me to look back at Quadoban, and consider it for a possible iOS release.
So, I figured I might as well give that a go.
I woke up the Mac, which whinged that I'd let it have too much of a sleep.. Plugged in the iPhone, opened the code, and...
Since I upped the iPhone to being an iOS11 Beta device, it no longer worked with XCode.
So then I had to download the XCode beta, and the system's currently sat there doing that.

At some point in the next 8 or 9 months, I might actually get the Mac to a point where I can compile!

That'd be nice...

Daily Doodle : The Only Way Out

The officer's caught up with him, and there's no way out, but down.
Platdude definitely didn't steal the chocolate bar.


Have I mentioned before,
How much that I hate.
Making menus and GUIs,
They're really not great.


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