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  5th July, 2017


Yesterday, I got the level generator mostly working for this week's game.


The above is the basic output path for the player.
Once that's done, the generator simply surrounds the path with additional walkable areas, blocked areas and eventually a few enemies and traps and things.

.. I think!

I'm still not actually sure what this game will end up being, if I'm honest, and am going to base things on what I can come up with, once the level generator's finished!



Poll Scores were added back to the site, yesterday.
Every day there's a poll on the frontpage of the site, and forum members are awarded points for picking the most popular answer.
The scores are tallied for the last 25 polls, and the Poll Scoreboard displays the top players.
Nice and simple.
.. Actually it wasn't that bloomin' simple, and required a whole lot of complicated loops to read the polls, score the results, tally the player scores and then output it in the correct order.
But, as with a lot of the rest of the site, it's now done, and I can happily move on to the next little chunk that needs doing.

Daily Doodle : Feel the Speed

Platdude's in first place, but how long will it last?


Another little generator,
Makes another map.
I hope this game is playable,
And doesn't turn out crap.


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