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This week’s ingame tune turned out nicely ( ^ That one ^ ).

Screenshots, logo and more have all been done.
The game’s pretty much ready to go, and I’m kinda tempted to do that, today.
Amazing how fast a game comes together, some weeks, whilst others can drag on and on and on..

Fun With Servers

Meanwhile, over on SoCoder2, I spent most of last night delving deep into the server and its settings.
I’m now 95% convinced that the hourly “stutter” is NOT anything to do with my code! (o/yeayo/)

For test purposes, I shuffled around all my “hourly” events, to different times during the hour.
Hourly emails get sent at a quarter to the hour, Topic/Thread shuffling happens at a quarter past, and various other background tasks happen at the half hour.
And yet, after all of the shuffling, the server was still doing it’s weird stutter on-the-hour.

I’ve since done a lot of cleaning up on the server, neatening folders and deleting a lot of unused content, and it now seems to be running a little better.
Meanwhile, Cron jobs were shuffled through the hour, and hopefully over the next few days I can figure out exactly what it is that’s causing the stutter.

So far, the only thing I can find that definitely slows things down for a few seconds, is the main database backup, but that’s not on the hour either!!
Bah, humbug!

Daily Doodle : Dunking

Platdude always seems to be the fall-guy at summer fairs.
This would be much more fun if the gunge gel wasn’t so sticky.


It’s raining outside again.
Summer doesn’t last very long.
Time to sit down with a monitor on,
Coding all day can’t be wrong.


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