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Tweaks All Over
  13th July, 2017


Yesterday was a day full of peeks and pokes.


Lots of little fixes, everywhere. SoCoder's topic view got its "previous reply" issue fixed, finally.
I thought I'd solved that earlier in the week, but .. Nope!
As well as that, I did additional admin stuff, such as cleaning out user accounts when the person never bothered to even log in, and other related spam-clearing functions.

Game wise, I did a number of tweaks to this week's Level Generator. It was accidentally placing some of the object too close to each other.
There are still occasional instances where the collectable blue sphere inexplicably lands inside the spikes, but otherwise platforms are no longer appearing over the top of each other, and none of the jumps seem impossible anymore, so that's good.

In addition, I've tweaked the player controls so that you now have a Yoshi-like flutter jump.
Hold the jump button to jump as high as you can.
I really need to create a character for the game, now..
I'm thinking a bird of some sort, so it fits with the flutter-jump.



The game's more or less at a decent stage, I think.
I need to pop it onto my iPhings and try it out properly, but I'm fairly confident that it'll work well.

I was intending to do that last night, but after a full day of code-tweaks, I really wasn't in the mood to fight with XCode!
I did get all the icons in place, (I think!?) as well as heading into iTunes Connect to upload all the screenshots and fill in the game description and all that stuff.
Suffice to say, the game is getting incredibly close to an upload, and should be ready to go within the next few days... If I can be bothered!

Meanwhile, my Apple Dev-License is about to run out, on the 16th. I hate how close to the deadline the thing gets before bothering to auto-renew. Scary stuff!!

I haven't actually released ANYTHING on iOS this "license" year, so that's a complete waste of a Dev-license..

I really need to make up for that, over the next 12 months.

Daily Doodle : Rawr!

Platdude is scary with his elephant mask on.
But elephants don't Roar! Silly Platdude.


While I was fast asleep, last night.
A fly buzzed round my head.
But now that I am wide awake,
That fly will soon be dead.


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