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Vaguely Playable


Currently trying to find the "gameyness" of this week's game.


I need to add some form of "enemy", but the movement of the game makes it fairly tricky to add things too randomly.
Everything has to be added in a very specific manner, making sure that it doesn't block the gameplay, but it's hard to find the right way to do it.

That's today's task.

And, yes, it's been reduced from a neat little animated rat, into a plain ordinary looking ball..
The constant rat-movement didn't seem right.

Bit late in the day to be trying to decide how best to make the game work, since I'm supposed to be posting the thing Tomorrow/Tuesday, but I've really not been focusing on this game, at all.

SoCoder2 tweaks have ground to a halt, as I struggle to figure out this rather silly server slowdown stuff.
It certainly seems to be happening every hour, though, so I'm fairly sure there's something in the settings that's maybe doing an automated backup or something?
Bah, humbug.


I've been thinking about redoing Quadoban on iOS.
The game "kinda" works, but needs a MUCH better menu system, and need to rescale the camera slightly so that the "maze" fits the screen a little more comfortably.
I also had to rejig the level generator so that the levels are more suited for a Portrait screen, reshuffling a whole lot of boxes around the place, to fit the new size.
An alarming amount of tweaks to do before this game's ready to go.

Any major tweaks will, of course, find their way into my framework for future reuse.
..I think!

Daily Doodle : Dance

Platdude's trying out his new Puppet.
Looks a bit silly. What on earth are those strange marks on it's head?


Prepare the game code.
Copy the folder over.
It's time to compile.
"Updates are Ready!"


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