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What Next?
  16th July, 2017


You know when you release a game, then sit in bed playing it, and suddenly realise you forgot to switch off a little toggle?
Doesn't matter, nobody'll notice it..
Feel free to guess what it was, though!


OK, I've a couple of days "free", here.
SoCoder seems nice and stable, and I'm not really due to start the next game until Tuesday, so today and tomorrow will be spent focusing on iOS, and trying to figure that out.

Yesterday, as well as the release of Pigeon's Treat, I added a new theme to SoCoder. "Desktop"
Preview page

It's.. OK.. Bit bright for my poor little old eyes, but I'm sure someone out there will like it.

I also got a couple of future Pulp'ish tracks started. H and I seem nice and jolly, but they're missing layers of niceness. Plenty of time before they get released, though.

All in all, yesterday was quite a nice busy day, so much that even though I downloaded the Splatoon2 demo, I was sat coding for hours and completely missed the "Test" time! D'oh!

Lots of little bits and pieces, but they all mount up, and in the end I had a nice busy day full of all sorts of stuff.
Hopefully today's iOS head-bashing goes well..

Wish me luck!!

Daily Doodle : Aim For Ace

Platdude's in the lead, but he doesn't want to be the one who has to regenerate.


Sniffling again,
And rubbing my eye.
Typing through sneezes.
The pollen is high.


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