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Getting There
  4th August, 2017


This week's game is starting to feel a little different than Boxsplodings!


It's still the same sort of thing, but I added a couple of tiny changes, yesterday, and things started to feel more unique.
Which is nice, because otherwise it'd not be as nice!

I'm now trying to decide how best to organise levels.
I might just stick with the tried and true "Easy, Normal, Hard" and just a typically AGameAWeek style, level after level until the player fails!


Other than that, I spent most of yesterday doing this week's SoCoder Newsletter which seems to be taking longer and longer each week.
Yet again, I'm finding myself wondering how I can neaten up the layout of the thing, on the website.
I'm also considering adding extra features to the thing, but if I'm honest, that'll just take even more time out of my week.
I'm not really sure which way to go.


Daily Doodle : Shopping

Platdude's had a nice enough day, but the town center is certainly a lot less busy than it used to be.
It's like a ghost town, out here.


A migraine attacks.
It comes once again.
Mysterious headaches,
That don't seem to end.


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