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NerdBlock Dead?
  6th August, 2017


Last month's GamerBlock finally showed up yesterday, and.. It was a bit rubbish!
My thoughts are here.


After seeing the miserably bad contents, I decided to go trawling the internet for more information, and worriedly found this reddit thread., where it appears the whole company's gone bust.

I've now switched over to LootCrate. Hopefully they manage to continue on for a decent amount of time, although I am slightly worried there might be an overwhelming number of bloody Funkopops in the things.


I've been worried that this week's game is "a bit like Boxsplodings", all week.
Yesterday, I decided "To hell with it", and make the game a bit more like Boxsplodings, by naming the game Bugsplodings, and turning it into a kind of sequel of sorts.

I finally got the game into a "good" gamey place, and all seems to be coming along nicely.
I even found time to give the as-yet-unfinished game a quick test on the iPhone, and it plays .. OK.. Although I need to tweak the explody button a little to balance the game a bit better.

But otherwise, all seems to be coming along nicely, which is good.

Daily Doodle : Ancient Exploration

Platdude's roaming through the dark corridors of the tomb, looking for something interesting.
He seems to have found some sort of proof of ancient hoverboards.


A new game on iPhone, every week?
It seems like that's part of my plan.
Putting the pieces I need, into place,
Then testing to see if I can.


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