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Nothing Found :(
  10th July, 2017
Blob's out for a simple roll, but there are many dangers around.
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  24th October, 2018
Although I added a new game to Foldapuz yesterday, the sheer randomness of the randomness has meant that the newest game hasn't actually shown up, today.

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Daily Blog
  11th May, 2018
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  13th November, 2018
Made another new Foldapuz game, yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
  8th October, 2017
Listening to my music collection.
I seem to repeat the same tracks.
It's not that I love these tunes that much,
But nothing else attracts.
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  22nd May, 2017
The squares are emerging from their hibernation pod. Stop them at all costs!
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Shoot-em-up , Testcard
  6th April, 2017
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Pirate , Ship , Water
  12th November, 2018
And we're already halfway through!!

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Daily Blog
  26th October, 2010
A somewhat simplified version of the classic Space Hawks, from the Amstrad CPC!
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Shooter , Shoot Em Up , Space , Arcade , Remake
  26th May, 2017
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Monster , Fight
  11th November, 2018
I've spent most of today tweaking the Level Database's frontend. The main page now looks a teensy bit more usable, and it even displays the first level from the latest 5 level packs available. (Although, as of right now, it's only showing 4.. .. because there's only 4!!)

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Daily Blog , 575 , Jnkplat2018
  9th October, 2017
Finally the task is over.
A hundred levels tested.
Time to start work on the next game.
But first I must be rested.
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  20th September, 2018
Flu is in my head, again.
I cannot seem to think.
I'll rest up in my bed, today.
Warm honey in my drink.
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  29th July, 2018
This is Snake! Eat the dots!!
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Snake , Clone , Mouse Minute
  19th January, 2018
The scoreboard admin page has been "broken" for a long while.

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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
  12th August, 2018

The centipedes have returned. Bring out your balls.

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Daily Blog , 574
  11th November, 2018
The very first two JNKPlat Level Pack uploads, one by me and the other by RSKGames, have our names missing.
Now, I'm not 100% sure what's caused that, but I have a feeling that's a User-Error issue, combined with "The upload database doesn't do updates" one.

To double check, I created a quick new level pack and uploaded that. It did indeed pop up with my name on it, so ... As far as I can tell, that's probably not an actual issue.

I'll know for sure, later today, as I faff about with the database script to make it a little more understandable, and interesting to look at.

More info soon!
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Daily Blog , 575 , Jnkplat2018
  30th October, 2015


Feedback from PlayJam suggests that my newest controller code is still causing some kind of lagging ingame, when more than one player's connected at a time.

An ultimatum, then.
If I can't get it fixed by Monday, then that's it.. I can't fix it, and it's an issue to be dealt with later.
I've spent about 2 weeks, straight, trying to solve this one single issue, and I realistically can't keep focussing on it, especially if I'm also trying to get an Advent Calendar AND NeonPlat's Cosmic Adventure done before the end of the year.

I'll be trying again (again (again!)) over the next few days, and then that'll be that.
If PlayJam are still finding faults, then I'll simply remove the multiplayer games from my list of available games on PlayJam. That's probably the easiest way to solve this issue.

It's a shame, really, as JNKBombers and Neon Bike Championships are cracking games, even if they are blatent bloody rip-offs!

.. Meanwhile, it's been a week since I last heard anything from OUYA's review team, which is .. weird...
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Daily Blog
  5th May, 2018

Well, I did say that Franken-Hopper was a little bit *too* difficult.
.. Now it's the exact opposite.

Needs more death, now.

Today's been a weird day, code-wise!!
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  22nd March, 2016


Yesterday I played with Circles and Dots.
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Daily Blog
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