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  25th July, 2014
Since I seem to be having oodles of fun with the PaperArcade things, someone on Twitter asked for a template.
Not sure why "Upload the template!" hadn't crossed my mind, but if I'm honest, it's probably down to the fact that, in amongst all the chaos of getting my "Icon Resizer" to generate these things, I'd made the whole process very very specific to my development style!
I've been thinking about making a more user friendly app to do this, but for now we'll stick with the DIY method!

Click for Masssssiiiiiive

This is the template I'm using. From there, my app takes screenshots, logos and icons, (which are already sat in the folder, ready to go!) and liberally scatters them throughout the coloured sections to generate a selection of cabinets for each game. (5 for each game)
From there, I choose the best, and upload it to the server.
You can find the end results by flicking through the archive. Games listed with ?Paper=Arcade will all contain a PaperArcade cabinet printout under their Bonus Assets section.

If, in future, I put some effort into making a tool for this, I'll be sure to let you know.

As always with Papercraft's, Post photos of your results!
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Daily Blog
  23rd February, 2018
The 3D printer finally managed to start printing, last night.

View on YouTube

It managed about 8% of the print, before the print "popped" off the mat, and everything went horribly awry.
Bah, humbug..
I'll probably have another attempt at it later.

Since it's my birthday, I'll be sitting about and being generally lazy, today.
Nothing much more to say than that!
Lazy Jay wins, today..
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Daily Blog
  3rd February, 2018
Platdude's decided never to try Skiing again.
He always ends up, here.
Views 17, Upvotes 3, 3rd February, 2018
  4th February, 2018
Platdude was expecting to find treasures and XP-earning creatures lurking in the dungeon.
It's empty!
Views 13, Upvotes 3, 4th February, 2018
  5th February, 2018
Blimey, Platdude.
That's an alarming amount of cream you're putting out.
Views 28, Upvotes 6, 5th February, 2018
Lovely , Milky Milky
  6th February, 2018
The ramp was set, and Platdude couldn't resist a trial run.
Views 29, Upvotes 5, 6th February, 2018
Danger , Stunt
  7th February, 2018
Platdude's met a curious visitor, who definitely isn't from around here.
He seems a little bit "too" friendly.
Views 23, Upvotes 6, 7th February, 2018
Mystery Man
  8th February, 2018
Platdude gets a little lift from his friend, in the village pantomime.
Views 24, Upvotes 5, 8th February, 2018
Peter Plat
  9th February, 2018
Platdude's visiting all the corners of the world.
Views 19, Upvotes 4, 9th February, 2018
Day Off
  10th February, 2018
The army's been called in to stop the rampaging beast.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 10th February, 2018
  11th February, 2018
Platdude's under attack. Fight, Platdude! Fight!
Views 16, Upvotes 3, 11th February, 2018
Wildlife , Alien , Space
  12th February, 2018
Platdude's headed out to do some fixes to one of the satellites.
Views 16, Upvotes 3, 12th February, 2018
  13th February, 2018
Platdude is delighted by the starship he received in this month's magazine.
I bet he couldn't fit a whale inside this one, though.
Views 11, Upvotes 3, 13th February, 2018
Star Trek
  14th February, 2018
Platdude loves a lot of things, but he certainly doesn't love this.
Views 14, Upvotes 4, 14th February, 2018
Game , Centipede
  15th February, 2018
Platdude is busy blogging. On Tuesday he'll be mailing his blog to the internet, where everyone will be able to read it.
Views 13, Upvotes 3, 15th February, 2018
  16th February, 2018
Entertaining all the young Platizens can be a tricky job.
Views 12, Upvotes 4, 16th February, 2018
Puppets , Beach
  13th August, 2012
If you've been following AGameAWeek for the past few years, you'll have noticed the occasional blip, where I've mentioned having a repeating neck cramp, with accompanying migraines. These have gotten steadily worse, up until early March 2012, when I was curled over the toilet bowl, throwing up a worryingly black goo of sorts.
Enough was enough!

An ambulance was called, and after my blood pressure failed to register (too high!?) I was whizzed off to Bolton general where they continued to test my blood pressure, over and over again. Luckily they also decided to do a CT scan, because that's where they finally found the tumour, nestled in between my brain and my spine.
eek!Read More
Views 99, Upvotes 7, 13th August, 2012
  8th January, 2018
Assuming that everything on the list is everything I need, then I'm getting awfully close to the end!

Read More
Views 19, Upvotes 4, 8th January, 2018
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
  1st November, 2010
A nice and simple little jumping game!
Views 1976, Upvotes 9, 1st November, 2010
Platform , Retro
  12th June, 2015
You all know the drill!
Views 4167, Upvotes 25, 12th June, 2015
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
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