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Not Quite
  7th August, 2017


Close, but not quite close enough!!


You know.. It's complicated trying to fit an iOS release into the regular schedule of AGameAWeek!
This week's game is INCREDIBLY close to being uploaded to Apple, but there are still niggling issues to do with GameCenter.
Still, it's been an interesting week, and things are close enough that (hoppefully) if I dare to release AGameAWeek's "in realtime" onto iPhings, then it shouldn't be such an impossible task.
Today I need to fix up the menu (again!) so that the new GameCenter highscore button actually functions correctly.
Today will be full of tweaks and tests and things, but everything I do should (*should!) easily be integrated back into the default framework, ready for future reuse.


Other than that, the game is done, so over the next hour or so I'll be uploading the usual Win/HTML/OUYA editions to the various upload spots, and doing a proper release.
It's just a shame that I can't say "Also on iOS!"

Expect the game to appear in a short while.


And so, I need to start thinking about what comes next.
Honestly, I'm not too sure!
My mind is whizzing with touchscreen ideas, right now.
I'll probably sift through the ideas and try to pick one that'll also work well on OUYA.

I'm going to have to do a lot of onscreen controller stuff, going ahead, I reckon!

Daily Doodle : Transforming

Platdude managed to make the truck into a robot, but he's baffled as to how to get it back again.


Trying too hard to combine all the bits,
It's starting to wear me right out.
I know I can do it if I just had the time.
But the short week leaves me with doubt.


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