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Server Change?
  12th August, 2017


I'm currently right in the middle of re-uploading everything to a different server.


The process has been going all night and currently suggests it has 23,000 files left to upload to the new server.
At this moment, it's uploading all the JayTracks section, which includes giant .zip files of each Album. ... It's taking a while!

Last night's "First Steps" included trying to get most of the SQL-based stuff up and running.
I'd forgotten how much of a pain it is to get Wordpress up and running on a new server.
You can download all the files and SQL you can muster, and reupload it to a new server, but that doesn't change the fact that Wordpress will still ignore 95% of the settings you've built up over the years.
Looks like I'm going to have to manually redo a lot of the tweaks that I'd made to the site over the years.

I'll probably take the opportunity, then, to pick a new Wordpress theme, or try a new site style.
It'll probably be a day or so before the new server goes live, as I've a bunch of other bits and pieces to fix up, but it shouldn't be too long.
I hope!

Either way, if everything goes to plan, you shouldn't actually notice anything different, except download speeds.

In the above video, I trigger the same download from the old and new site. Old first, New second.
The difference is obvious.
But then, the old server's in the US (Where I'm not) and the new server's in the UK (Where I am), so whether that's the main reason for that, I'm not sure.
I'll be doing oodles of tests over the coming days.

You'll be able to tell when the server's switched, by the fact that everything looks different on this blog

Anyhoo, yeah.
Lots of stuff to do, and hopefully things will be a little smoother, soon.
*fingers crossed*

Daily Doodle : Thwacking

Platdude won't be thwacking this time.
Just a small putt will put him into the lead.


A change for the good.
The old server's through.
I hope that the new site
Is faster for you.


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