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Something Gamey
  10th August, 2017


This week's game is currently looking a little bit "Pong"


Fairly certain someone must've done something like this before.. In fact, I've probably done something like this myself!
But it's quite enjoyable for a few minutes, and certainly gets more fun once you try to keep the scoring up.

Not a bad game.
A few days left to tweak out some extra juicy goodness, and we'll see what I end up with come Monday.

I also spent some time fiddling about with bits of SoCoder.
User Dabz had his avatar served on another site, and when the site went down, strange bugs appeared on SoCoder. Namely that, without "finishing" loading a page, the "onLoad()" stuff never kicked into gear.
I had to find a way around that. I *think* my solution is working, but I'll have to keep an eye on things to be sure.

(The previous "onload" section is now simply dumped at the very bottom of the output. Seems to work!!)

Today will be all about the SoCoder Newsletter. I've been neglecting it for most of the week, so it's rather a little empty right now. (3 youtube videos, and .. . that's about it!)
So, that'll probably take up most of the day, alongside rendering this week's Pulpish Video and all the other bits and pieces that go along with doing a Newsletter.

Busy day ahead!

Daily Doodle : Hunting

Platdude needs to be more observant.
Look out!


Tweaks and fixings,
There's lots to do.
But so much easier,
With the site all new!


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