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Something Stupid...
  2nd August, 2017


v1.1 of Letter Lattice iOS went live last night, and I tested the game to ensure everything was working as it oughta.


Testing the GameCenter stuff still acted oddly on my iPad, but I decided not to worry myself too much about that.
After all, I knew it was uploading the scores, it just wasn't showing them in the little GameCenter window.
So I sat back, relaxed, and played.
Word 1..
Word 2..
Word 3..
Word 4.. ... Hmm..
Word 5. Uhoh..

I checked and double-checked, and sure enough the bug was indeed there.
So, this morning, at around about 2 in the morning, I was sat frantically trying to fix the bug.
The bug has been fixed, and v1.2 has been uploaded, and all should be golden by the time that version passes review.

Essentially, the "TootyFruity" colour scheme uses random numbers to colour the letters.
To stop it from being a crazy mental colour flicker, I set the random seed to reset itself, each frame, thus ensuring the letters all stay the same colour.

Unfortunately, when you complete a word, and the "make a new grid" function is called, it's doing so at the same predetermined "random" point, because of the lack of randomness in the onscreen font.

This is resulting in Words 2->5 being positioned at one of two default locations, based on the length of the word. (short words go in position A, longer words go into position B)

I hadn't previously noticed this.. Mostly because I hadn't been paying attention to where the previous word locations had been.
But once I'd spotted the bug, I became all too aware as to why it was doing it.

Anyhoo, the fix has been uploaded. Apparently I can't switch off the 1.1 update, so I guess everyone's getting a broken game for the most of today.
Hopefully the update won't take too long.

Ho hum..
Test more, Jay!
Test more!!


Daily Doodle : Up and Up

Platdude's training for his epic climb. He knows these footings like the back of his hand.
Hopefully the real mountain has the same series of rocks to hold on to.


Always check before you post.
The bugs can hide away.
Then double check, and check again,
Before it's ready to play.


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