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Thwackity Puttz iOS
  23rd August, 2017

Thwackity Puttz is now available on iOS devices, from the AppStore



Seems to have gotten through review without a hitch, although I have since realised that I totally forgot to add a tutorial to the thing.
It's not obvious that you need to tap the upper-right golf ball to "Thwack".
I should add in a quick tutorial mode or something..

But other than that, all seems to be good enough.

  • 9 pieces of music
  • 18 courses of 9 holes each
  • New sand bunkers and water traps
  • All the courses are generated from different seeds, so all the holes are different from how they are on the original PC/HTML/OUYA edition.

    If you do grab it, be sure to comment is you find anything out of the ordinary.


    I knew it was a bad idea to make SpikeDislike in Smile Basic.. Now I've only gone and started a new iOS version of it!!

    This version of the game will be specifically targeted at iOS, mostly to make up for the fact that the first original SpikeDislike has now been removed from sale by Apple's big "32-bit App Purge"
    I'll be creating this as a Classic SpikeDislike, and keeping everything as much simpler onscreen options like it originally was, as opposed to the "Everybody hated the level system" of SD3.

    It'll be interesting to try and come up with options that improve the game, and make it worthwhile to have the options, whilst trying to keep the leaderboards workable at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

    Basic player movement is coming along for this weeks game. A simple platforming mechanic.
    I should've done a lot more, but.. The Spikes were calling!!!

    Hopefully I can get the game finished (or, even started!!) by the regular Monday/Tuesday release time.
    That's my aim, anyway..

    Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

    Over on SoCoder, I took the time to re-rewrite the email engine.
    Previously, the thing was "Live, in the page", so if it needed to send an email, that's exactly what it did.
    On the GoDaddy server that took around about 2 seconds, so was "ok-ish".
    On the new server though, because it's a shared server, it ended up taking about 12 seconds per email, and that's far too long to wait for a webpage to appear.
    Instead, then, I've had to output emails to an sql buffer, then get a secondary "Cron job" based script that runs through the SQL, sending out emails in the background.
    Things are a LOT smoother, now!
    Although, if you're doing the initial signup, the email uses the old Live technique, because that's the sort of thing you want to happen at the time, instead of "Whenever the server gets around to it."

    All appears to be working well enough.
    I hope!!

    .. Blimey, that was a busy day!

    Daily Doodle : The Weigh In

    Time for Platdude to check on the weight of his little pets.
    Looks like Fluffy's been eating most of Silky's food, this month. Time for a diet!


    Waiting in for a parcel to come.
    I ordered some coffee, last night.
    A delicious treat for us all to enjoy.
    With a biscuit for dunking, Alright!


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