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Uploaded and Updated
  1st August, 2017

Unclaimed Deposit

I actually did this a couple of nights ago, but forgot to post it.
Keep an eye on AL's SoundCloud channel for occasional extras!
And don't forget that if you're a Patreon subscriber, you get to hear the Pulpish tracks a week in advance! Ooooh!!



I finished off the update for Letter Lattice, last night.
The GameCenter stuff was, as always, pretty tricky to test properly. Seems that Apple have made it so you need to release a "Test Flight" release before you can test the GameCenter stuff, which is completely useless when you aren't even sure if it's even working in the first place.

Anyhoo, mostly-blind to whether it'll actually work, (Seems ok in the Simulator, but that thing's lied to me, before!!) I've uploaded the update and it's waiting for a review. THEN we'll know if it works or not!!


I continued to work on the multicoloured grid game.
Gameplay wise, it's currently identical to my previous multicoloured grid game, and I'm trying to find interesting ways to make it slightly more unique.
But it's colourful, at least!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

Over on SoCoder I had to dig into the topic-view once again, as the removal of "Last page's last post" had a whole bunch of unintended side-effects.
I think I've now pretty much got everything back to the way it "should" be.

At one point I considered making it an option to see "Last page's last post", but given the sheer chaos that removing it has been, I'm reluctant to attempt to put it back in as a variable!
Having it hardcoded is bad enough!

Daily Doodle : Properly Clean

Platdude's giving the car a proper cleaning, unlike the local car wash that never seems to get into all the nooks and crannies.


Another upload to the Apple Review,
I hope that this one goes through well.
The icon for GameCenter's certainly odd.
I hope that the player's can tell!


If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (Please do!!) you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll usually show up on my daily blog, the very next day.

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