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After the struggle of getting Linux installed,
Compiling my code went quite well.
Though it looks to be fine, it still crashes a lot.
I hope that a fix won't be hell.
Views 6, Upvotes 0, 11th November, 2017
Platdude's enjoying his relaxing weekend.
A lovely strong brew, some toast, and a cumfy chair.
Views 8, Upvotes 1, 11th November, 2017

I'd say that's a fairly successful event!

It's still not 100%, mind. If you try to double click it, it tries to open it as if it's an Archive, then fails. Not sure what that's about.
Linux is crazy!!

But, hey, that's working, and it has audio too!
That's a good day's work.

I was supposed to be working on the iOS edition, today, but the MacMini's "Shared Desktop" was being crappy and I couldn't be bothered to sit in front of a desk!!

Tomorrow, perhaps.
Views 40, Upvotes 0, 10th November, 2017
2018 Framework


This might not look very successful, but the fact that I've managed to get Linux to actually boot, AND attempt to compile the code...
That's definitely an improvement from yesterday!

I have an awful lot of faffing about to do, in order to get things to actually compile, but I'm fairly confident that it'll be doable.
Things are looking up!!
Views 36, Upvotes 0, 10th November, 2017
2018 Framework


I finally got around to shifting the framework over to the Mac, last night.
Hitting the compile button swiftly planted around about 1,000,000,000 red "WARNING:ERROR!" flags all over the code.

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Views 10, Upvotes 2, 10th November, 2017
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
Everything's broken on iOS.
It feels like I'm starting again.
But a lot of the bugs should be fixable.
So shouldn't be much of a strain.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 10th November, 2017
Some days, Platdude's life is full of fun and adventure.
Today, not so much.
Views 7, Upvotes 0, 10th November, 2017
Most folk seem to be giving me successful results with yesterday's benchmark test program.
If you haven't already, Do so here!

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Views 42, Upvotes 1, 9th November, 2017
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
Testing is fun,
Except when it fails.
Now I must dig,
through the tester's details.
Views 10, Upvotes 2, 9th November, 2017
Platdude's lost on his way to the Zoo, but thankfully this friendly face is here to help.
Views 9, Upvotes 0, 9th November, 2017
If you can, please give this benchmarker a run.

It's a simple little tool.
Unzip it, run the .exe, and watch as three "Bloke" sprites circle around for a little while.
Don't touch anything. The benchmark tool will do it all for you.
Running through a bunch of sprite-pushing tests, blending methods, and audio streaming, too.
It'll also flip to fullscreen to check there, too, so be warned if you're watching any other media on your PC at the time!!!

Once it's done (about a minute and a half) it'll leave a debug.txt file, which you should send my way.
Thanks for testing!
Views 55, Upvotes 3, 8th November, 2017
2018 Framework


I've been working on basic String functions, since last night.
Left, Right, Mid, Trim, SplitTxt and other generic "Basic-like" functions that I'm going to be relying on because I'm rubbish at doing C-strings.

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Views 13, Upvotes 5, 8th November, 2017
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
I drew a summer Pixelart,
But it's not that warm, today.
Freezing in my many layers,
The Winter's here to stay.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 8th November, 2017
Platdude needs to cool down, so has stripped off, and is playing with the sprinklers.
Views 12, Upvotes 2, 8th November, 2017
This seems to be functional as well as can be expected.

An .ogg file is playing in the background. Feel free to replace the ogg with your own ogg, should you have any!

As with the previous audio test, up and down will (*should!) pitch the music up and down, but now it'll glide more smoothly, since the pitch is being handled by the main loop, not the re-buffer part of the code.

Other than that, nothing of note has changed, I don't think.

You can download the Ogg Playing test here.
Views 47, Upvotes 2, 7th November, 2017
2018 Framework
I tried to figure out MOD playing, last night, but that didn't go very well at all!
Today, I'll probably focus on OGG playback, instead.
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Views 11, Upvotes 2, 7th November, 2017
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
My framework is coming along quite well,
But to Windows it's still shackled.
Trying to get it running elsewhere,
Is something I haven't yet tackled.
Views 6, Upvotes 2, 7th November, 2017
Platdude's capturing things from up high.
What on earth might be going on on the other side of the grassy verge?
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 7th November, 2017
Tv , News
OK, I think I managed to get this working!!

Run the game, and you should hear the "Sheep Goes Right - Level Complete" sound playing over and over and over.
This is in fact an audio stream.
This first test is for .wav only, so I left the "Data/550/TestStream.wav" as just a small little sample, but if you want to try switching it out for some actual music, simply replace that file.
Audio must be in .wav format, though.

Be sure to let me know if it does/doesn't work for you.

You can Download Stream Test here.

As always, thanks for testing!
Views 39, Upvotes 3, 6th November, 2017
2018 Framework


I took last night off from development, but that didn't mean I stopped developing!

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Views 12, Upvotes 3, 6th November, 2017
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