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Taking down decorations and removing the lights.
It's time to find places for your gifted delights.
On shelves for new books and in drawers for the socks.
While the plastic tree waits to return to its box.
Views 12, Upvotes 3, 31st December, 2017
Platdude's having another themed New Years Eve party.
This is much better than last year's theme.
Views 12, Upvotes 3, 31st December, 2017
Party , Platizens , Amiga
Creation Crate #2 popped up yesterday, only 2.5 weeks after the last one did, and it was a nice fun little build+code event.

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Views 11, Upvotes 1, 30th December, 2017
Daily Blog
Festivities over,
Christmas is done.
Now Mum's watching telly.
The Soaps are all on.
Views 10, Upvotes 2, 30th December, 2017
Platdude's not had a good morning.
Hopefully the cleanup won't be as bad as after the Xmas party.
Views 11, Upvotes 1, 30th December, 2017
Probably should've got back into the swing of coding, yesterday, but spent most of the day playing with my new GPD Win.

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Views 15, Upvotes 3, 29th December, 2017
Daily Blog
Starting to get back to normal.
The family visits are all done.
Time to get back to some coding, again.
Then making some games, for fun.
Views 11, Upvotes 1, 29th December, 2017
Platdude's trying to avoid the crazy creature below the sea.
It just wants to sell him a new mobile contract!
Views 12, Upvotes 1, 29th December, 2017
All the tracks in this ALBum are ALChoon reinterpretations of some of my favourite tracks by Pulp. They come from the entire catalogue of Pulp albums and singles, but as with all AL-Bum's, they are not strictly "remixes", and are, instead, reinterpretations of the songs in a new and unique manner.

As a result, I've given this album the subtitle of..
"Something Borrowed - Something New"

Total 26 tracks
Views 202, Upvotes 13, 28th December, 2017
After all the gift giving, comes random spending on yourself!

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Views 17, Upvotes 3, 28th December, 2017
Daily Blog
Mornings are not easy.
When you spent all night awake.
I need to have a giant sleep.
And a lot of naps to take.
Views 12, Upvotes 2, 28th December, 2017
Platdude's struggling with the lock, again.
Must be something to do with the weather.
Views 14, Upvotes 2, 28th December, 2017
Note : Boxing day is what we in the UK call the day after Xmas Day.
I'm not sure why it's called that! Wiki!

The day went rather uneventfully.
A lazy morning, waking up rather late, but then using most of the morning to prepare for what was to come.

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Views 19, Upvotes 5, 27th December, 2017
Daily Blog
Xmas is over,
New Year's on it's way.
To hell with it all.
'Cos I'm resting, today.
Views 14, Upvotes 3, 27th December, 2017
Shhh.. Platdude's sneaking!
Views 14, Upvotes 1, 27th December, 2017
A standard Xmas in the house of Jay.
The morning was spent unwrapping the insane amount of sweets that I'd been gifted.

Since folk know not to buy me Chocolate (since it gives me migraines) and they're desperately trying not to resort to buying Xmas Socks, they all seem to end up buying me a curious variety of sweets.
Each one trying desperately to find the most unique sweet they can, in a bid to outdo each other.

I unwrapped an alarming number of Jelly Beans, yesterday!

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Views 17, Upvotes 4, 26th December, 2017
Daily Blog , Health
Xmas is busy with everyone here.
Lots of people and gaming and talking.
My head finds it hard with the noise in my ear.
But I'll manage, somehow, without puking.
Views 12, Upvotes 1, 26th December, 2017
The morning after Xmas, and Platdude's trying to relax with a nice calming tea.
Views 16, Upvotes 1, 26th December, 2017
Today is a day without my usual daily blog, mostly because I've been lazy, watching a lot of Festive TV, and am currently sat on the couch watching my Sister and her friend having a game of Scrabble, whilst typing this small bit of none-blog.

Later on, I'll probably need to hook up the SNES Classic for a short while, but given that my NES Classic hasn't ever been hooked up, that's not too likely to happen!

Anyhoo, Merry Xmas everyone, and if you don't do that sort of thing, then at the very least, you can hopefully get a good couple of days off work!

See you tomorrow for a more regular bloggy sort of blog.
Views 16, Upvotes 5, 25th December, 2017
Daily Blog
Xmas is here,
The Scrabble's begun.
The wordplay continues,
Until someone's won.
Views 19, Upvotes 4, 25th December, 2017
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