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Staying Put
  14th August, 2017


A few hours browsing through some of the recent WordPress themes, and boy was it dull!!


There's almost no fun themes anymore. Everything's bland and boring and "Light Grey on White".
I hate that. Booo. Boring! Dull!!!
Certainly not a theme style that works with a fun gaming site like this!

I gave up, so we're sticking with this theme.
This theme is (for reference) LineDay, albeit with a few tweaks and pokes from me. But, yeah, it's a nice enough theme and it does the job well enough.

I did find myself wondering about the possibility of writing my own blog script. That idea hasn't yet subsided.


This week's game is ready, compiled, bundled up and prepared for all the boring uploading bit.
I'll be doing that over the next few hours.
Bit of an odd title for this week's game. Apologies in advance!

Daily Doodle : Perilous

Platdude's on another quest, but things are getting dangerous.
Be careful you don't fall in!


More or less a smooth transfer,
It's mostly all OK.
But at the top there's something wrong.
My Menu's gone astray.


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