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No Coding, Today
  15th August, 2017


Today will be spent playing Sonic Mania!
Got through 1.5 zones last night, but was too tired to get very far after that.

In other gaming news, I also finally managed to beat the third of the Divine Beasts in Zelda:BOTW.

Yep. Been lazy, yesterday!
After the shocking start of having the whole site be pulled down due to an old script that had never been scanned by previous hosts GoDaddy, the new host Zen Internet managed to find the script in just a couple of days, and shut the whole site down as a precaution.
Bit of a pain, but I'm thankful that I now have a host that appears to give a crap about that kind of thing.

You can read a little more about it in the SoCoder thread.

As for coding. I tweaked bits and pieces of SoCoder, and wrote a basic php-virus-scan script, but otherwise I sat having a gamey day.
Games are fun!!

Daily Doodle : Cheese?

This Crab seems to like cheese.
What a happy little crab!


It's Sonic Day
Hip Hip Hooray.
Time to Play.
No coding today!


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