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  16th August, 2017


In total, I only played about 3hr 50mins of Sonic Mania, yesterday, according to the Switch Parental Control app.


I got as far as Zone 4 with Sonic and Tails, and also started a second save game with Tails and a third with Knuckles.
Both of those are up to Zone 2.
It's a lovely game. Although it does bring out the motion sickness after a while, so I've been playing it in half hour sessions then having to take a break.
But it really is a lovely game.
Highly recommended, if you're a fan of the original Megadrive games.


I didn't get an awful lot of coding done, yesterday, but I did manage to tweak little bits here and there.
In Thwackity Puttz iOS, I managed to get the sand bunkers and water hazards working nicely, as well as fixing up the ground collision to be a little more fair.
I also wrote a little tool that would come up with random course names. I'll be picking the best output from that, and using it to make a mass of courses for the game.
.. Although I am more than aware that each course then also requires that I faff about with GameCenter. Grrr!

Still, it's coming together rather well.
Hopefully I should be able to upload it before the end of the week.

Daily Doodle : Sciency Stuff

Platdude has to investigate the mysteries of the newly discovered star system.
The scanner thing isn't much use, today.


Spinning and rolling and jumping around.
Picking up rings with a wonderful sound.
Leaping on springs that are stuck in the ground.
Wondering what kinds of treats will be found.


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