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Too Much Thwacking
  17th August, 2017


I haven't yet started any work on this week's game, as I've been playing with Thwackity Puttz iOS.


Most of the features are now working as expected.
The todolist currently consists of making buttons and the power-bar thing a little larger so you can actually bloomin' well see them, and also trying my best to create a bunch of music for the game, so it doesn't get "too" repetitive.
With any luck, I should be able to upload it over the weekend.

Bonus ALChoon

Unclaimed Fortune


A bit of an odd error on the server, last night, as it seemed to forget that MySQL even exists..
A few tweaks and things were back to normal, but I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye on that as it's very much a "Was that me, or a hacker" sort of issue.
I'm really not sure.

Daily Doodle : Munching Pills

Time for Platdude to take his pills.
If the pills are supposed to make you better, why is this place always full of ghosts?


I still haven't started a game for this week.
I wonder what game I might make.
I'm sure there'll be fun and adventures within,
Whatever direction I take.


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