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Friday MusicAL
  18th August, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud


I spent the morning session doing normal Thursday chores.


Music video, uploading to YouTube, uploading the audio to SoundCloud, writing the Newsletter.

Once all of that was done I spent a couple of hours working on some more of Thwackity Puttz. I should really have been starting this week's AGameAWeek, but that doesn't seem to have happened yet.

And then I picked up the Switch and played some more Sonic Mania, because.. Well, that's awesome!

For my Afternoon session, I instead fell asleep.
The past couple of mornings, I've been woken by a neighbours dog, and it seemed like I needed some catchup.
And boy, did I get it.
Even my MisFit gave up trying to track how much sleep I had, last night.
I'd say it was roughly about 15 hours, maybe more.

This morning, I've an odd bug to work out, at SoCoder, whereby editing some user-profiles seem to send the user to a 403-Forbidden page, instead of the actual "Saving Profile" page. Which is weird.

Daily Doodle : Snippity Snip

Platdude's trees are getting a little bit unkempt, so he's gone outside to rekempt them.
Whilst snipping away, he finds himself wondering if rekempt is even a word.


Testing for security,
The bugs the hide away.
I coax them out with errors,
In the hope that they might play.


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