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A Day of MusicAL
  21st August, 2017


I spent most of yesterday working on Thwackity Puttz iOS.


Most of the game is now at a "comfortable enough to release" state, but I still need a handful of music for the game. Having that one choon repeating endlessly is a little disappointing, so I've decided I should add 9 different choons into the game. One for each course.
Seems a nice enough idea, but of course that means I need to create them all!

I dug deep into my Music Archive, plucked a few "almost" suitable choons, and then began to rework them into even more suitable "acoustic" style versions.

This : Deconstructed Jam
now sounds more like
This : Deconstructed Jam of Autumn

There are other examples in the 2017 - Bonus Tracks album with the "Acoustic" addition to their title.
I'll be adding a few more over the course of today, and then I'll be bundling everything up and hopefully sending the game to Apple later on tonight.
.. I think!
Assuming everything else is working, anyway!

Daily Doodle : The Journey

Platdude's sick of battling his way through the badlands, so is taking a shortcut on the back of whatever this creature is!


Falling behind,
So much to do.
AGameAWeek is hard,
This week's overdue.


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