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  22nd August, 2017

Unclaimed Garden


Thwackity Puttz is uploaded to Apple, and is now "Waiting for Review"


Slight "I should've done that" is that I didn't, at any point, do the tutorial'y thing of saying "Tap here to Thwack".. Might be an oversight that comes back to bite me in the arse..
(Tap the big golf ball in the corner!)

Other than that, seems like it all works.
I've rejigged 7 classic JayTracks, added one new track (the one up top) and the original choon's in there, too.
9 pieces of music, one for each Course.
There's also a second set of courses, but the music repeats, because the filesize was getting rather silly by that point!!

Not much of anything else going on, yesterday, as I focused on putting all the finishing touches into that.
Today I've a list of tweaks to do to SoCoder, and then I'll try to get back to my regularly scheduled AGameAWeek.

.. ... Although, since doing that SmileBasic version, there's an urge growing to do a proper new SpikeDislike.

Daily Doodle : Practice Makes Deadly

Platdude is helping his friend train to become a Knight.


Why must it take so blooming long,
To add a Scoreboard into iOS.
With my script it's a simple task,
But Apple's is full of stress!


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