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  24th August, 2017

Montpellier Rebellier


Yesterday wasn't very well organised at all!!


I spent most of the morning/afternoon session going through tons of AppStore Review sites, trying to find all the necessary emails, and sending all the PR'y gubbins that people strangely seem to enjoy getting.
It was an incredibly boring and mundane task, and it wasn't enjoyable in the slightest.

I don't do PR!
.. I guess that's why nobody's heard of me and my 400+ games

Once exhausted, I figured it was time to play a bit more Sonic Mania.
I grabbed the Switch, settled down and turned it on.
The system launched with Zelda already running, and so I instead played that for about 3 hours, and didn't play Sonic Mania at all.

After that, I found out that KORG Gadget had been upgraded with a new purchasable add-on instrument.
The KORG Mono/Poly App integrates into KORG Gadget as "Montpellier", hence the title of the above test choon.
I created the choon whilst my PC was sat rendering this week's Pulp'ish video, so that at least cuts part of today's schedule out.

All in all, a somewhat lazy day. Certainly not as productive as I'd like, but at least I got that rubbishy PR stuff out the window.

Today's all about the SoCoder Newsletter, and seeing what random oddities I can use to pad that out.

Daily Doodle : A Lovely Display

Platdude finally bought those large display cases he's been wanting for years.
... But now he can't play any more.


In my time stuck indoors,
Entertainment is key.
I'm lucky that coding,
Is such fun for me.


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