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Throw It All Away..
  26th August, 2017


I've decided to scrap the silly little pacman/platform thing.


I think my head just can't be bothered working with platformer collisions, this week.
So it's been tossed into the folder of unfinished nothingness, and instead I'm working on a card-based game.
Hopefully I can get most of that done by the regular AGameAWeek Monday/Tuesday release time, but if not, don't be alarmed if it ends up showing up Thursday/Friday, instead!!


The Thwackity Puttz iOS update passed review, last night, and is now available for download.

I've added a much needed semi-tutorial to the first hole..
.. That'll teach you*!
(*how to play the game, because apparently I made it rather obscure. Hope the tutorial helps. Let me know if it doesn't.)

Go Get it on the AppStore!!

Daily Doodle : A Toast

LexiPlat offers his friend a nice glasss of Green Tea, but SuperPlat doesn't seem to want it.
That's not a very friendly way to behave.


Starting again,
Another idea.
I hope that I finish it,
Sometime this year.


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